“Spray it til ya make it”

Have you ever had the feeling your home was just “going stale on you”?  ME too.  Several times actually,  That’s why everyone calls me the “Spray Painting Queen” or the “Professional Re-Arranger”. I painted my kitchen 6 times in 1 year!..yep..6 times.   I painted my counter tops, bathtub, shower doors, all hardware, vents, some flooring… heck I even painted my appliances!!!  Seriously the list is long.  So long in fact my friends and family always ask me to come “redo” their homes. I call it no cost decorating. Anyway my point is… little changes have BIG impact!  And let me tell you, its like a drug to me, I get soooo pumped at these projects. Seeing the before and after…that’s my thing.  I dig it! Do you love it too?  These changes can also help in selling your home to make it more “current” with the trends for little to no cost.

It’s pretty amazing what a $5.00 or less can of paint and an hour of your time can do… Don’t believe me? Look at some of these! The possibilities truly are endless on what you can spray paint (I spray painted a couch and armchairs once)… But for now, I have decided to stick to the simple, cheap and easy basics for this post. We can cover more ground later. I just wanted to get you excited and open to the idea! 😊






Easy Curb Appeal – All Spray Painted!

Painting your front door can make all the difference in the world.  Go bold, go classic, maybe even give it a stripe, frost it..etc.. A trick I learned after painting many doors, and dreading the coat after coat to cover the brush lines and roller marks…just unhinge that baby, lay it down or prop it up and spray it!  It dries quicker, with better & even coverage, plus there are no marks, just be sure to spray evenly so you don’t have runs 🙂 I personally like the bold colored doors, and on some…. Black! (black is my favorite for everything).



Outdated hardware, faucets, door knobs ? Spray it..see some examples below. This is very easy and it does hold up well.



O..EM.GEEE.. did you know they make frost spray paint?! ITS AMAZEBALLS!  You can even tape off designs and make it totally your own design. Perfect for windows, doors, vases, & mirrors.   It works well and holds up nicely. I have used it several times, and definitely do not regret it! its super fun to stencil.



Ugly counter tops and Appliances but no room in the budget to upgrade?  PAINT THEM! I did, in fact for awhile I painted several clients counter tops to mimic granite in their color schemes, and heck I’d totally do yours too if you wanted. When I sold my first home, the realtor had to double take that they were not granite.  Here is a really great product that helps accomplish that process, the sealant on this is top notch! http://gianigranite.com/  Of course you can also do this with just craft paints, and a good poly.


TOYS…YES I said TOYS.. can become trendy fashionable decor! I know what you’re thinking,  it sounds cheap and tacky.  How on earth could that look good?? But seriously..just look at some of these…Ive done it many times, and the end result is always the same, giving me the wow factor in so many spots of my home.  They are one of a kind & also give your guests some topics to chat about.

If you can’t already tell.  I love re-purposing and reusing what I already have to make spaces and things feel fun and new!  I hope you have found some inspiration in my article.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with on your own! Feel free to send in your photos, comment  or post them to our Facebook wall.  https://www.facebook.com/AlbersandAlbersTeam/  and Of course if you need to enlist my help with any of these projects because it makes you nervous or you just don’t have the time, I would love nothing more than to come make it happen!

Little changes make BIG Impact, some of these can really make your home look more updated and clean to buyers.

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